Working on development experience tools as Creative Product Director at Thorne.

Thorne HealthTech is a leader in developing innovative solutions for delivering personalized approaches to health and wellness. As a science-driven wellness company that empowers individuals with the support, education, and solutions they need to achieve healthy aging.

Thorne is the only supplement manufacturer that collaborates with Mayo Clinic on health and wellness research and content, and is trusted by more than five million customers, 46,000+ health-care professionals, thousands of professional athletes, and more than 100 professional sports teams and U.S. National Teams.

Outside of UI + UX, I do get the occasional opportunity to focus on brand work and help set foundational visual direction. Brands below in order: Gensler Inc, Cactus Brewing, Reform Madison, Lucky Apartments, Priority Chat, Idle Hands Barrel Works, Akreto.

Recently I've been working on my first mobile game. It's called 'Johnny Erotic's Euchre' and it's suited to pros, amateurs, renegades, rebels and rogues. Perfect for that mix of competition and casual. Designed for mobile and for both Apple and Android users alike.

If you haven't looked into euchre mobile games yet, check it out – they're a steaming pile that are due for a facelift.

More to come soon!

Over a span of a couple years I've collaborated with Erik Bloomquist and Mainframe Pictures to build typographic pieces for their films.

I helped produce branding and UI for a new daycare CMS system. The idea was the build an all-in-one business suite for childcare services big and small to manage their time, money, and client.

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Jerod Gibson