Working on development experience tools as lead Brand/Creative at Thorne.

A core principal of the creative team at Thorne is empowering creatives to be as independent as possible when crafting—but also collaborate when needed. There are few things worse than having to micromanage.

That brings me to a similar tangent with our team. On the creative team, we work knowing with confidence that we can try something out. Something that in all likelihood won't work, and that's fine. Because sometimes, just sometimes it will work or at the very least open a door to another approach we would never have discovered. We need to feel comfortable with being wrong. It's non-negotiable that the environment fosters risk-taking and In an industry where KPIs, metrics and dogmatic processes dominate, it's easy to get overwhelmed by the nature of product development. Our team is supported and encouraged to take risks. Sometimes those risks will pay off, other times they won't, but regardless of the outcome it will lead to a better product, and I suspect happier designers.